Welcome to the help page for lernOS Convention 2022. Our goal is to organize the best hybrid event possible, where participation is on-site and remote is on par. Here you will find all the information and assistance you need to successfully participate in the program.

Information for ALL participants

  • BEGINNING: The loscon22 will start on 05.07. at 13:00. Dial-in links can be found in the program you will need.
  • CHAT: For the chat we will use a Slack network. You received the invitation link for this with your ticket purchase. We use Slack as a second screen for chat and informal exchange. There are separate channels for the stage and all session rooms. If you need more channels, you are welcome to create them yourself (Slack in COPEDIA).
  • PARTICIPANT DIRECTORY: via the navigation entry "People & User Groups" (left) in Slack you will find a directory of all participants. Via your profile picture (top right) you can maintain your profile. Via the profiles of other people you can write them direct messages or start an audio chat (huddle). The green dot on a profile shows you if the person is currently online.
  • SECOND SCREEN: two screens are better than one! On site this can be e.g. a laptop for the content and a smartphone for the chat.
  • AUDIO-CHAT: For informal, hybrid exchanges, you can start audio chats in channels or with individuals at any time using Slack's Huddles feature.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: When sharing info or pictures on social media, please use the hashtag #loscon22 (e.g. Twitter or LinkedIn)
  • PREVIEW: For those who are already in Nuremberg on 7/4: we will meet at the Opening Night of the Nuremberg Digital Festival. If you like to come, you have to click a free ticket for it yourself.

Information for LOCAL participants

  • ENTRY: For admission you need your loscon22 ticket, which you received via email (subject: "loscon22 your order"). Click on "Show order details" at the bottom of the email to view the ticket as a PDF or save it in your smartphone wallet (save paper, don't print it :-)
  • CORONA: There are no corona rules on site and no mask requirement. We still ask you to be careful, keep your distance and minimize risks
  • AUDIO QUALITY: Please pay attention to your audio quality (mic close to mouth, no feedback) for a good hybrid experience. If you are. dialing into sessions on site in the rooms, do so with the "no audio" option so there is no feedback in the rooms
  • HEADSET: Be sure to bring a headset. There is plenty of room for on-site participation in online sessions. You will need the headset so that you can hear and speak there.

Information for Session Owner

  • DOCUMENTATION: for documentation of all sessions and program points there is an area in the whiteboard (link in the channel generally pinned in Slack above). If you use other tools for docs, just place a link in the whiteboard
  • Record: All sessions will be recorded and posted on YouTube afterwards as documentation. If you do not want this, you can indicate this in your session submission (opt-out).
  • ROMS: The Leia, Luke, Yoda, and R2D2 rooms will be on-site at the Imperial Castle, the Alderaan and Naboo rooms will be online-only.
  • HYBRID MEETING KIT: The on-site rooms have PCs permanently dialed into the room's video conference. Connected to the PCs are Hybrid Meeting Kits with webcam, speakerphone and wireless microphone (details to follow in a blog).
  • SUPPORT: If you have problems on site, Kurt and Hans will be happy to help you.

Information for Lightning Talk Speaker

  • DURATION: Each Lightning Talk lasts a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • COUNTDOWN: During the Lightning Talk you will see a countdown with the remaining time.
  • FILES: Lightning Talks can use slides or free speech. If slides are used, they must be uploaded (format: PDF, 16:9) to pretalx (at your own submission) by Friday 06/24 at 12:00 PM.


For all other questions and problems come to the on-site infodesk or use the channel #infodesk in Slack.